Geothermal Well Examination & Risk Review

Published 03/06/2021

NRG were awarded two separate contracts to provide independent well examination services for drilling geothermal wells in the UK. Examination and other regulatory requirements were based on the requirements for Borehole hydrocarbon wells.

NRG assisted one Operator with development of a well examination process and subsequent compliance with the requirements of the process. The drilling contractor, while experienced in the delivery of geothermal wells in Europe, was not familiar with UK regulatory compliance requirements. NRG were able to guide the Operator and the drilling contractor to supply sufficient, appropriate information during the planning of the wells and subsequently during drilling and completion operations to ensure that the risks posed from the wells were evaluated to be ALARP using oilfield practices, where appropriate, whilst taking a pragmatic view when oilfield requirements were inappropriate. The wells were successfully drilled and completed.

NRG took our experience from the first project and applied them to the second which enabled the project to run smoother and more efficiently.

In addition NRG was contracted to provide independent technical reviews on the drilling and completion of several geothermal wells for the insurance market. NRG has been able to transfer learnings from both types of project to ensure efficient and accurate assessment and reporting of the risks associated with geothermal wells.

North Sea – Semi & Jack Up Operations

A new Client to McGregors’ requested our support on two offshore North Sea projects.  Two rigs commencing around the same time – one for jack-up operations and one for semi – both durations 90 – 110 days. 

Shetland – Hydrogen Operations

Retained on an exclusive basis to source an experienced hydrogen engineer for the world’s first facility for demonstrating and testing wave and tidal energy converters.

Global Renewables Company

McGregor’s were tasked to source an experienced Operations Director responsible for the UK. This exciting role was vital for progressing our client’s ambitious growth targets…

Equatorial Guinea – Jack-up Operations

McGregor Consultants supported our client through challenging times during their operations in Equatorial Guinea. A total of 14 consultants comprising of a complete Upstream well delivery team were placed to work on this project travelling from various parts of the world.

Provision of Full Life Cycle Well Examination and Technical Support

NRG Well Examination provided support to a new UKCS Operator throughout the purchase, operation and ultimate decommissioning of a North Sea field.

Côte d’Ívoire – Deepwater Operations Personnel

McGregor Consultants were approached by the Operator to support their deepwater operations by supplying a team of highly experienced personnel.

Geothermal Well Examination & Risk Review

NRG Well Examination was awarded two separate contracts to provide well examination services for Operators drilling geothermal wells in the UK.

Côte d’Ivoire – Deepwater Well Management

NRG Well Management was contracted to provide a full well management service to support a deepwater exploration drilling campaign

Carbon Capture and Storage Risk Assessment

NRG Well Examination was requested to conduct an independent in-depth review of a CC&S Risk Assessment